Learn How to pass KYC for Whitelist

1. Select the country you live in

2. Enter your first and Last name, Middle Name (if applicable)

Note: the name and surname needs to match with what is written in your ID

3. Enter your date of birth

4. Add your email address. 
Attention: If you have contributed through ATM please use the same email address which you have used in Crypto ATM.

5. Add your phone number

6. To confirm the information that you have provided, click the box next to “ I confirm that provided information is correct”

For security check click the box next to “I’m not a robot”

7. To send your KYC application click “Review” button

8. Control the information you have entered and click the “Next” Button

Contact Fluzcoin Support

In case of KYC failure, to proceed with the next step you will need to contact Fluzcoin Support representatives by email info@fluzcoin.io and provide the email address which you used when registered for the Tokensale. The Fluzcoin Support Representatives will then let you know about further steps and If you are eligible for close pre-sale, will provide your unique contribution link.