New Board Advisor joining the Fluzcoin Team. Meet Bryan Feinberg!

We are excited to announce a new Board Advisor joining our Team - Bryan Feinberg.

Bryan Feinberg:

  • CEO and founder of Etheralabs, Zephyr, ChainDynamics and P2Primex
  • licensed investment banker holding his 7, 63 and 79 FINRA Licenses
  • over $ 150M in transactional business in past 10 years
  • NYC based Blockchain Venture Accelerator

Bryan Feinberg brings nearly two decades of serial technology & media focus to the equation. With strong ties and an extensive network, Bryan’s added value is measured in his hands on approach to deal positioning, strategic modeling, market analysis & enabling technologies in any data transaction. With over 15 years of Venture Investing in both the private and public markets, Bryan is an expert on how to best position and develop IP.

Bryan is a self proclaimed Startup Junkie and at the Matrix of opportunities that flow through the company. Over the past 10 years, Bryan completed over $ 150M in transactional business and was recently part of the team that led a $ 13M Private Placement and public listing for INVIVO Therapeutics (OTC: NVIV). Series 7, 63 , 79 Licensed.

Please welcome Bryan Feinberg and let’s bring Fluzcoin to a mass adoption!

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