Fluz Fluz memes, Current partnerships and other news; MARCH 29th 2018

Hello Fluzzers,

Here are the last week's updates:

Fluz Fluz memes

#Fluzmeme competition is in full speed. We are excited seeing so much involvement by our community members and the creativity is strong with this one. We are looking forward to many other great memes these next couple days will bring us. Keep up the good work!

More info on our Telegram announcements channel.

Exchanges update

Fluz Fluz has been listed on Qryptos. FLUZ/BTC and FLUZ/ETH pairs are now available for trading.

We see Qryptos as an exchange with a lot of potential. In the last couple of weeks we have engaged with the Senior Management of Quoine and validated their vision for the near future. It is a perfect match for Fluz Fluz. This being said we are continuing to actively work on potential partnerships with exchanges and will let you know once there are any updates.

Partnerships update

We are continuing with the new partnership announcements on a daily basis and this week has been more notable businesses have joined the group.

Here are the most recently announced partnerships:

Taco Bell, Sam’s Club, REI, Chipotle, Home Depot, Hulu, GameStop, Delta airlines, T.G.I. Fridays, Starbucks, Burlington, redbox.

And the list is growing daily! Join our Telegram group to be among the first people to receive updates.

Technical updates

We have been working on Colombian binary network improvements for implementation in the US app. With the expected user count and the amount of Merchants that will be available this will involve a lot of planning and testing in order to be crafted to perfection.

And speaking about testing.. MVP of the app is in progress and should be ready for internal testing in the second half of April. We will reach out to people who will be included in the first closed group testing runs. You can expect more news as the MVP comes closer to finish and a release to wider group testing is also planned to be announced some time soon.

Fluz Fluz on the web

We are continuing the short video series on the project and it’s various benefits by Fluz Fluz US CEO Maurice. Here is a video on different ways how you will be able to earn cash-back.

And about the powers of consumer networks

Join our Telegram group if you have any other questions or if you are interested in updates from our community and team here: Fluz Fluz Telegram

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