Fluz Fluz partners up with one of the World's leading ecommerce agencies

Maurice Harary,

Email: ico@fluzfluz.com


New York City, NY Fluz Fluz, the consumer cash-back network which is scheduled to take on US market in Q3 2018 has teamed up with Scandiweb.com, one of the leading e-commerce agencies in the world. The New York Times, Rockar JLR, Lafayette 148 and Candy.com are just few companies that are running solutions made by Scandiweb and Fluz Fluz will join the list with their Global consumer cash-back network platform, which will launch in Summer 2018.

“We are glad to announce the partnership with Scandiweb.com and excited to start our cooperation on the Global consumer network creation. The last few weeks have been difficult with all the planning and new ideas coming in both from our community and internally. However Scandiweb team, who also was present in the meetings has been professional and forthcoming seeing our ambitions and needed complexity for the expansion to US and Global markets.

This complexity includes scaling up the platform with around 40k current users in Colombia to international levels both in handling the load and cultural differences that might affect how people are using the app and shopping, which Scandiweb.com will be responsible for and was one of our main requirements while looking for a solution provider.

Partner with such an extensive experience in e-commerce development and Blockchain technologies gives us confidence moving forward.”

Stefan Krautwald, Co-founder of Fluz Fluz

Fluzfluz.com is an up-and-running consumer cash back network initially launched in Colombia with more than 40k active users since launch in Jan 2017. Fluz Fluz sells instantly usable gift cards from 200+ merchant partners. Every time a member or someone in their network makes a purchase, network participants earn cashable points called Fluz. Their secure mobile wallet is designed to make online and in-store checkout intuitive and frictionless.

More info on Fluz Fluz website.

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