How to activate your Fluz Fluz Premier Seat(s) — step by step tutorial

The long-awaited seat activation event is almost upon us Fluzzers! The last days before the FluzFluz Seat Activation platform will open are closing in fast, and everyone that has sufficient token amounts will be able to claim their Premier Seats in the FluzFluz Network. In order to make the Seat Activation process understandable and familiar, we have prepared a step-by-step seat activation tutorial.

REMEMBER: For every Tier 1 seat you need 20,000 FLUZ tokens and for every Tier 2 seat you need 10,000 FLUZ tokens.

Seat activation process overview

In order to activate your seat(s), you will be asked to go through the following main 3 step process:

  1. Visit the Seat activation platform and complete the registration.
  2. Choose the number of Premier Seat(s) you want to activate.
  3. Confirm your FLUZ token ownership.

What exactly do these steps imply? let’s take a closer look below, as we fully break down the main steps above.

FluzFluz Network Premier Seat(s) Activation process — step by step

We designed the seat activation process to be intuitive, easy to understand, and estimate it will take you just a few minutes to complete.

Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to becoming a proud Fluz Fluz Network Seat owner.


STEP 1: Visit FluzFluz Seat activation platform
Link to platform:

Once you navigate to the platform you will see a welcome screen with a simple Registration form.

STEP 2 : Register your email address

REMEMBER: Pick your email carefully — you will need to use the same email for your Fluz Fluz App account setup as well (which will happen after the Fluz Fluz Public Beta App release in July 2018). In case you participated in the Fluz Premier Seat Airdrop in Telegram, make sure to use same email registered in Telegram Bot. Otherwise, your bonus won’t be deposited.

Once you fill in your email, you will see a confirmation message and receive a unique Seat activation URL to your email.

STEP 3: Click on your unique participation URL

Go to your email box and find the email that we sent to you. You should receive it almost instantly. If you can't find or haven't received your email:

  • Check your spam folder.
  • Check your email address for typos and submit your email again.

Once you click on your unique seat activation URL, you will be led to the second part of the Seat activation process.


STEP 4: Pick the tier and number of seats you would ideally want to activate

After clicking on the email link you will be led back to seat activation platform, and will be able to continue with the second part. First you will be asked to fill in the amount of Tier2 seats that you want to activate.

REMEMBER: Chosen seats do not guarantee specific seat combination. All token holders will join a random allocation event for the final seat assignment.

Once you pick your preffered SEAT(s) configuration you will see the FLUZ token amount necessary to activate your SEAT(s).


STEP 5: Enter the ETH address where your FLUZ tokens are stored

On the next step you will be asked to prove that you actually own the necessary FLUZ tokens for your SEAT(s) activation:

a) First, you need to move all your FLUZ tokens to one ETH wallet.
b) Once that is done, you will need to provide your FLUZ token ETH wallet address in the field below and click SCAN.

REMEMBER: Make sure to move all your FLUZ tokens to a single ETH wallet address — the platform will only scan one ETH address.

PLEASE NOTE: The system can not detect tokens from an exchange wallet. Users MUST send all tokens to their own personal ERC-20 wallet BEFORE the snapshot (detailed in the next step) of the FLUZ blockchain is taken.

After ETH address SCAN is complete you will see the full detailed FLUZ token summary for the seats you want to activate:

  • How many you are holding.
  • How many you received from the Fluz Premier Seat Airdrop (if you participated).
  • How many you need to activate your selected seat(s).

At this point, if you still fall a bit short in your holdings, or you suddenly decide to get one more seat to your name, you will be provided with exchange links so you can quickly and easily buy all the necessary FLUZ tokens.

If you have participated in our Fluz Premier Seat Airdrop then on this step you will be able to see your bonus tokens.

What if you do not see a Fluz Premier Seat Airdrop bonus on this step?

  • Make sure you have participated in Fluz Premier Seat Airdrop.
  • Make sure you are using the same email address as registered through the Telegram Bot.
  • If you believe you are eligible for the Fluz Premier Seat Airdrop but do not see them in the platform, contact us at mentioning your Telegram username and email.

STEP 6: Keep your tokens in your personal wallet and wait for the “snapshot” of the Fluzcoin blockchain

The snapshot will simply be a moment frozen in time, containing all of the wallets in the FLUZ blockchain and their respective holdings at the time it was taken. Any movement of tokens after the snapshot will not have any impact on the seating event. Even if a user missed the deadline by a small amount of time, and moved his 1 million (or any number) tokens into his wallet 30 seconds after the snapshot is taken, there is nothing the Fluz team can do, and they will not be valid for the seating event. No exceptions.


REMEMBER: Buy all the tokens you have planned to have for seat selection event BEFORE the snapshot.

REMEMBER: One wallet can’t be used by more than one person.

REMEMBER: If any share of tokens were to be used by a family member(s) users will need to send that share to a separate wallet that will need to be registered to the seating platform with a seperate email.

STEP 7: Send a small unique amount of FLUZ tokens to the specific and secure FLUZ address provided

This is the last and final step where each seat activation participant will be provided with a unique ETH wallet address to send their fraction of a FLUZ token.

Just go to the ETH wallet where you store your tokens and send the necessary amount of FLUZ to the provided ETH address.

REMEMBER: Always check the domain for typos and look for the lock icon that validates that you are on the right domain address and not a fishy site that tries to steal your ETH wallet key.

REMEMBER: Make sure you send the precise amount of FLUZ required to prove you have ownership of the wallet.

Once you have sent your FLUZ tokens to the unique wallet address that we provided, click the SCAN button.

If the transaction was successful, you will see the correct amount of FLUZ tokens you sent. And you will be greeted with a “Congratulations” message.

REMEMBER: It might take few minutes for transaction to go through.

REMEMBER: The Premier Seat distribution event will happen on the 16th of August 2018. Users will receive their Premier Seat ID’s within a few days after the event.

That’s it — 7 simple steps to claim your FluzFluz Network SEAT(s).

For more information and precise seat allocation event announcements, remember to follow us on our telegram news group:

And if you have any questions regarding the FLUZ FLUZ seat activation process or anything else, please check out our community telegram group:

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