I Believe in My Product

Bradley Flowers

The next time you visit your insurance agent or any service your product you use, ask the representative this question, “do you use this product”. If he/she answers anything other than “yes”, you need to switch carriers and switch fast.

It is my belief that in business, one of the most unethical things a person can do is not purchase/own the product that they offer. Another way to phrase this is that it is impossible to ethically sell a product you do not own yourself. Regardless of the price or situation, being able to tell the client that you use the product you are selling them speaks volumes to your belief in the product.

Whenever I bring this subject up, I always have a buddy that says “man, my product costs $5000 and I cannot afford it” then how can you recommend someone pay $5000 for it when you haven’t paid the $5000. Furthermore, I would argue that had you paid the $5000, you would make more than that because you have the ability to close the client on the fact that you actually paid this price for the service.

The bottom line and the point I’m trying to make is ask your insurance agent where they have their insurance but somewhere other than product they’re trying to sell you need to find a new agent.

This was the subject of today’s Insurance Tip of the Day. https://www.facebook.com/saralandinsurance/videos/1181797175233617/

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