The Family Man and Beacon

A busy dad shares how he uses the extra hours that Beacon’s time-saving service gave back to him.

She won’t need me like this forever. As we walked up to her school gates, she — my little 2nd grader — gripped my hand a little tighter, almost cutting off my circulation. You see, my overachieving firstborn had uncharacteristically misplaced a homework assignment for the first time in her young academic career, and she was mortified to face the teacher. I promised to speak to her teacher for her, and I even dressed up a little for the mission. I think I was as nervous as she was! As the bell rang, I took a deep breath, calculated my steps so that I would graciously, but effectively, intersect her path. I, my daughter’s daddy, explained the situation. All was well. By that evening, our temporary crisis was long-forgotten. I was able to be there for my daughter.

She’s not going to need me for these little things for much longer. As trivial as these things seem from an adult’s perspective, I want to be there. Time. We talk about how fast it goes and how little we have and how much we should cherish it. How “they grow up so fast.” About how it’s our most precious commodity.

It’s for moments like this that a company like Beacon can make my and all of our lives a little more meaningful. A company that gives the working dad time back, by keeping him away from the burden of delays, waits, lines, and hassle of commercial travel. So that we can savor these seemingly small and even insignificant things in our lives. Yes, its important to carve out time for big, important things. That board meeting, investor pitch, customer sales call…it has to be done in person. And it’s tomorrow.

But this small thing hardly counts as a crisis; we could have written a note for the teacher (and we did), and it would have been fine. But to my daughter, it was a big thing. And it meant the world that I was there for her.

These little moments. The seemingly-mundane, trivial things. These are the moments I want to have and not miss. I know it’s impossible, but I don’t want to miss a thing. But I want to try. And every moment I get back is priceless.

Leonard Chen, Advisor

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