We’ve been working closely with Iberia Express and Hangar 51 to make our first flight happen — and the day is here. The first Airstripe flight is scheduled for January 20 and we’d love for you to join us!

Our first flight is now live on Airstripe.com! To kick things…

Pleased to meet you!

We want to kick off our very first blog post by introducing ourselves, and tell you how you can use Airstripe to create the best flights ever.

Photo by Jacky Lo.

Who are we? 🤔

We’re Bea, Jonathan, Ilya, Borja and Astrid, and we’re the co-founders of Airstripe!


La primera aerolínea social. Crea y fleta vuelos con amigos y viajeros apasionados a más de 100 destinos. #volaresdivertido

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