Why Beyoncé Isn’t Running For President

There are many reasons why Beyoncé and Mr. Romney aren’t running for President. None of them should be because we didn’t hear about it.

Vincent Chang
Feb 25, 2015 · 3 min read

On January 30th, 2015, Mitt Romney announced he wasn’t going to run for President. He posted it on Medium—not on TV, not in a press conference—under a headline that simply read “2016.”

At the time, Mr. Romney’s Medium account was relatively new, with only a few thousand followers, and mostly filled with family photos. Yet our algorithm automatically placed “2016" as the #1 story on SmartNews, long before traditional news outlets found and republished it. Our engineers, seeing just the headline, thought perhaps there was a mistake.

A couple weeks later, the top trending story on SmartNews was Beyonce’s unretouched photos (Cindy’s too).

That’s the funny thing about the news. You never know what’s hot and culturally relevant…until it is.

Oh, the news these days—it’s too liberal! conservative! un-retouched! too-retouched! But really, it’s a problem of the right story finding the wrong audience.

No, Beyoncé and Mr. Romney aren’t running for President next year. But if they were, where and how would you find out about it? And if you heard about it, would it be at the expense of missing out an important local story by the not-yet-famous? (Like those tiny penguins in sweaters which were also picked by our algorithm last week.)

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SmartNews + Medium: Helping the right story find its audience

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