New shell commands for Linux

Demo and Documentation:

You may notice how UI designed is changed in last years.

Now UI design should fit average user mind without forcing him to learn it.

Unfortunately, before you start to use Linux Command Line you need to learn it and then check google all the time for details.

If you familiar with Underscore.js, Haskell Prelude Library, F# List Library, LiveScript Prelude Livesyou can find the common pattern of commands like

  • filter
  • find
  • reduce
  • map
  • min
  • max
  • etc

So, why we cannot just use the combination of them in Linux Command line instead of

  • cat filename.txt | sed ‘s/line/word/g’
  • echo “” | sed s/1.//g
  • cat filename.txt | awk ‘BEGIN{RS=”, “}{print}’ | sed -e ‘s/word //g

I think the first list looks much simpler.


  • Get list of javascript files in directory and all subdirectories
  • Filter them by “dist” directory
  • And mark “m”

More Examples

List of commands (Documentation):

Github Repository:

How to install

  1. Please install NodeJS
  2. Put in Terminal: npm i nixar -g
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