flyCARE revolutionizes access to care via the Blockchain

Brussels, May 4, 2018 — Based on the Blockchain, flyCARE is a European and global pioneer in the healthcare and wellness sectors. Thanks to the flyBOX, a technical revolution, flyCARE enables direct access to medical and wellness care for everyone, at any time, throughout the world, thanks to a disruptive model. The flyCARE development will be funded via an ICO scheduled in May 2018.

Home-delivered care: a model against today’s prevailing trends

The advent of connected objects and the development of social networks have transformed most sectors, from goods and human transportation to banking, hotels and restaurants. Home-delivered types of care are part of that transformation. Indeed, these types of care are nowadays ill adapted to new consumption habits and key paradigms of a goods-and-services economy that has become increasingly flexible and mobile.

This paradoxical finding is also at odds with the internal dynamics of occupations that have considerably simplified and shortened performance time in an increasing number of procedures. Bruno Lamoureux and Dieter Bauch — who have received many accolades in the European sector of advanced medical equipment, ISO 13485 certified — have developed the flyCARE project to close the gap between current modes of consumption and care delivery trends.

Quality care for everyone, anytime, anywhere, at the best price

More than a technical solution, a new way of imagining home care. While many complex and long types of care can only be performed at a practice, others, which are shorter and more honed yet equally essential, can nevertheless be provided at home or at any other venue, in a less restrictive and perfectly clean way.

A new model of care access benefiting society and relevant professions

Bruno Lamoureux and Dieter Bauch have formulated the ​​flyCARE concept after several years of research and development — and have developed a portable and light piece of equipment that empowers, and meets the operational needs, of personal-care professionals across the 22 occupations identified so far (dentist, podiatrist, hairdresser, tattoo artist, etc.): the flyBOX, which enables these workers to easily provide care outside a practice, on foot or by any transportation means.

The flyBOX will be adapted to other specialties in the near future, even outside the care sector, based on the operational needs of personal-care professionals.

An app to access care, a portable piece of equipment as a substitute for a practice

flyCARE will provide a unique solution to personal-care providers: the implementation of a smartphone-friendly platform in order to connect service providers and customers via dedicated applications that enable appointment booking and administrative management as well as payment tools.

The flyBOX, meanwhile, comprises all the necessary equipment and consumables for service delivery, at any time and in any place.

“The platform will be a solution of easy access to services, an all-in-one offer that includes a wide range of services: a physiotherapist, a hairdresser, a dog trainer, a plumber, for example — all of that at home, simply. flyCARE aims to fly to the client’s service, offering, through an all-in-one solution as well as local, motivated and poised service providers, a range of CARE services that fuse comfort, ergonomics and technology.” Bruno Lamoureux, founder and CEO of flyCARE.

Providers will meet customers’ needs without the impediments of an initial investment (office leasing/mortgage payment or customer acquisition cost) and with no middle agent, thus mitigating the deficiencies inherent in this type of services, namely mobility, accessibility, funding, and access to care at the right price for everyone. Access to the platform will be free, and the service provider will only have to pay for a fixed flyBOX subscription, which will be cancellable at any time without charge.

Blockchain and the Ethereum’s ERC-20 compliant protocol

Using Blockchain Ethereum technology, which enables “utility” token issuance, flyCARE will thus create its own cryptocurrency, the flyCARE Coin (FCC). Through the app, the flyCARE community will use this currency throughout the world as a mobile payment method.

It guarantees a high level of integrity and security, and removes intermediary fees from all transactions generated in the flyCARE ecosystem, in accordance with best practices applied for this type of platform. Credit card payment will gradually be replaced by FCC payment, a change that will provide many benefits compared to traditional payment methods.

A disruptive ecosystem accessible globally via a mobile application

flyCARE will be a disruptive and unique ecosystem in the multi-stakeholder healthcare sector — consumers, healthcare professionals, medical and care product manufacturers, and local distributors.

Through a win-win approach, all players will be able to use this innovative blockchain-based solution, as it meets respective needs felt by service providers, customers, manufacturers, and even states facing recurrent healthcare budget deficits as well as challenges inherent in the management of aging populations.

Irreproachable hygiene and market validation

All flyCARE equipment was designed in compliance with the best and latest practices of quality, safety and compliance (full integration of paramedical and medical standards — ISO 13485 Certification), providing the practitioner and the patient with a care environment that is ergonomic, hygienic and easy to install and use — for each occupation featured on the flyCARE platform.

The flyBOX is already produced in Germany (Leipzig), and its marketing has already started successfully. Partnerships are currently being negotiated with healthcare sector leaders in order to make consumables available at competitive prices. Contracts and promises of contracts for the delivery of several thousand flyBOX have already been concluded.

Key upcoming developments

The beta version of will be available in 22 cities (100 million people) for 22 professions (220,000 professionals). The platform is projected to generate a daily transaction volume of 25 million EUR.

To finance its platform development, flyCARE will launch an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in early May 2018; funding will be generated by and for the flyCARE community. This ICO process will be a European and global premiere in the health care and wellness sector.

flyCARE has unlimited potential for use; here are some examples:

The platform can also be used by

  • Companies or organizations providing their employees or customers, prospects etc. with home- or workplace-delivered care, as part of an affiliate program or employee wellness program;
  • Insurance companies offering tokens to policyholders for home-delivered care services as part of prevention and affiliation policies, among others;
  • Governments using this platform as part of public awareness programs in order to prevent or reduce Social Security deficits through the provision of services that are cheaper and easily accessible;
  • Individuals sending tokens to pay for loved ones’ access to care;
  • Non Governmental Organizations establishing care-donation programs for vulnerable people, allowing donors to send payment (tokens) directly to providers.

flyCARE will undoubtedly be a major tool for healthcare access in developing countries, where access to care is still very difficult. Establishing partnerships with large cities on the African continent, for example, will be one of flyCARE’s major pursuits.

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