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Please find hereafter the recap and FAQ concerning the flyCARE Project. If you have questions on topics not covered in this FAQ, please contact us via our Telegram channel.

flyCARE is a global ecosystem that offers personal-care service providers a unique solution that integrates multiple tools…

(Updated May 14, 2018)

The flyCARE project is not a haphazard occurrence — but the culmination of monthslong R&D work and market research, decades of experience in the relevant sectors, and an unwavering commitment to providing a quality product/service that addresses a real market need. …

Brussels, May 4, 2018 — Based on the Blockchain, flyCARE is a European and global pioneer in the healthcare and wellness sectors. Thanks to the flyBOX, a technical revolution, flyCARE enables direct access to medical and wellness care for everyone, at any time, throughout the world, thanks to a disruptive…


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