10 Things That Can Make Your Business Flyer Stand Out

Distribution of business flyers is a strategic marketing investment, and you should always be looking forward to maximum returns. You need to attract your prospect with an impressive combination of solid content and engaging design. Here are 10 things you must incorporate in your business flyer to create an impression.

1. Contact Information

Any message you provide on your flyer will be of no use if you do not convey to your customers how they should contact you. So, in order to make flyer distribution in Adelaide a success, you must include your business name, phone number, website and address.

2. A powerful headline

For the entire flyer to be effective, you must communicate the main focus of your business through the headline. Remember that the headline is your first and most powerful chance to create an impression, so make it attractive.

3. Social media links

If you are using social media tools to market your business (you just can’t afford to miss out on these tools!), you must make the most of this opportunity to earn new followers. Through your flyer, tell your prospects where they can find you on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media.

4. Impressive photography

A professional photo shoot highlighting your business is a great way to present your flyer. This investment on a photo shoot yields good returns in the long run. The photos you obtain can be utilized for different purposes.

5. Value statement

Select a minimum of four to five value statements defining your business, and prominently highlight them in the business flyer you are designing. This helps your target audience understand what your business stands for in a nutshell.

6. Testimonials

A consumer would definitely want to know the value of your product or service. But do not make them depend on you for the same. Convey to them what their peers have to say about your products or services by making customer testimonials a part of the flyer content.

7. Main facts

Your flyer or leaflet is an exclusive opportunity to inform the audience about the key features of your products and services. So, do that precisely without overcrowding your flyer.

8. Call to action

It is a call to your audience to go for the desired action, so you cannot afford to make it a passive one. Clearly mention what you expect the consumers to do with statements like ‘log on’, ‘call now, and so on.

9. The differentiating factor

To have a successful flyer distribution in Adelaide, you must tell your target audience what makes you better than your competitors. In your flyer, give answers to questions like- What is it that differentiates your business from others in the same industry? Why should your target audience choose you over your competitors?

10. Your logo

Although it sounds simple, it has far-reaching effects in creating a brand identity. A well-designed logo included in the flyer makes you easily recognizable to the consumers.

As you devise a strategy for flyer delivery, keep your end goal in mind and equip your flyer accordingly. A smart action on your part will trigger quick action from your prospects!

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