A Look at Some of the Inspirational Letterbox Media Campaigns

If you are thinking about promoting your business through advertising letterbox distribution in Canberra, why not try doing something out of the box? It’s simple logic that whenever companies do something interesting, more and more people are interested. Take a look at some of these highly innovative letterbox media campaigns, and you will find that each one of them has something to inspire you.

Naturally Discounted

Lass Natural Cosmetics, an Indian Cosmetic Company, has negligible artificial constituents in its product range. This implies that the shelf life of the ointments and creams of this company is not as long as those products with more artificial ingredients.

Mudra Communications devised a wonderful letterbox delivery campaign for this company. To distribute to customers, coupons were developed that would literally dissolve within a short span of time, underlining the fact that the product is natural and has a quick shelf life.

Each coupon promised a discount of 50% and also said that the ‘offer’ is ‘valid until poster lasts’. 70% of receivers redeemed the coupons. Those who did not do it on time just had a rotting leaf to hold.

The Plank

Karate Bushido, a popular French Karate magazine, wished its customers to go for renewal of their subscriptions as well as wanted to rope in an additional number of recruits. It sought the services of the French ad agency TBWA and approximately targeted 3,000 prospective subscribers. All these subscribers came across a wooden plank in their letterboxes, which contains the complete details of the subscription process. This initiative not only makes room for a transactional response, but also makes a powerful statement regarding the brand at large.

Toy Soldiers

UNICEF wanted to bring to light the shockingly huge number of child soldiers in the continent of Africa. With the help of South African ad agency Y&R, UNICEF distributed thousands of toy soldiers, which were in fact children engaged in playing soccer, riding a bike or doing handstands.

This campaign had an amazing response and the number of volunteer applications rose significantly. It also attracted good amount of donations for the rehabilitation program for child soldiers. According to the UNICEF team, a powerful creative idea is bound to go viral, because people will talk about the associated issue and share it.

Rain Mac

This is yet another example of a ground-breaking and power-packed marketing campaign. Wales is generally a wet country and is not quite popular as a holiday destination. However, Visit Wales, in a bid to bank on this wetness, partnered with Partners Andrews Aldridge, a marketing agency, to reveal to tourists through a letterbox ad campaign, what they can do in the rain.

The result was beyond description. 14,883 more tourists visited the country of Wales, even during the rains. That’s unbelievable, but the truth!

Fallen in love with these ideas? Do make use of some of them in your letterbox delivery campaign, and you will surely see a substantial difference in the number of responses from your campaign.