Measuring Response Rate for Your Flyer Distribution Program

If measuring is a part of life, you cannot afford to ignore measuring the effectiveness of your marketing activities. In case you are not evaluating the response rate for your flyer distribution, you are simply wasting your time and money on the promotional campaign. Not only are you failing to understand whether the campaign is producing results, but you are also missing the chance to improve the campaign, and hence, your bottom line. So, before starting off with the campaign, it is important to think about the manner in which you are going to identify and analyze campaign responses.

Identification of responses

There are different ways to identify responses in case of flyer distribution. You may include a special offer into the flyer, which will encourage the desired action, and also help you in response rate measurement.

Another convenient way to measure the responses is to include the address of a special website and then keep track of the ‘hits’ on that particular site. You can also make use of a unique telephone number, email address or any other contact information for every campaign.

Are you running more than one campaign simultaneously? Then it would be helpful if you can separately identify the responses pertaining to each campaign.

Collection of information

Identification of responses is not an end in itself. You need to have the procedures ready to collect and then make use of this valuable information. Possessing an automated system is the best solution. For instance, you can have a system in place that automatically measured the website ‘hits’.

In case you are working with a manual system, in the form of vouchers or special codes, ensure that there are dedicated people keeping records of enquirers.

Steps to take for absence of response information

Many business owners go for flyer distribution, wherein there is no means to track the response rate. How do you handle such a situation?

Remember that answering the phone without information gathering will leave you with absolutely no idea regarding the sources of the leads. To address this problem, make sure that whenever an enquirer is answered, the prospect should be asked from where the number was obtained. All the information collected in this manner should be synchronized in a central location, so that all concerned persons have access to it, as and when required.

The action to be taken

First and foremost you need to identify all the marketing activities that are presently running, such as flyer or brochure distribution, leaflet promotion, web sites or any advertising distribution material. For each marketing activity, identify whether there is a route to track the enquirers and their sources.

Your next job is to check out whether procedures or systems are in place for response measurement. In case there is no automated way to track responses, you should have dedicated team members who can manually capture the source of enquirer.

Once you measure the response rates, take some action on the results obtained. Identify areas of improvement and go ahead with a more improvised flyer distribution campaign.