A letter to my not so happy single self
Jessica Semaan

At today’s Unitarian church service, the guest minister quoted from Thich Nhat Hanh’s list of six mantas. The sixth was, “You are partly right.” When I read “Something is wrong with me and so many things are beautiful about me,” that sixth mantra came to mind. Though I prefer to couch the idea in less judgmental terms, i.e. I know now what my shadow self is, where my demons are, and exactly when they will jump on me and try to take me to the dark side. In that sense, yes, there is something “wrong” with all of us, because hey, we all have demons and shadow sides, the good and the bad and the ugly. Whenever I feel like something is wrong with me in general, I try to remind myself that I am okay. You are okay too. So is 99% of humanity, in all our imperfections and gloriousness. That is 100% right.

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