June & July Roundup

Welcome to the first edition of Flyfish Club’s monthly newsletter! Each month we will share a recap of our recent events, a schedule of our upcoming events, and provide updates on other important happenings we think you’d like to know.


Photo of Conor Hanlon, Gary Vaynerchuck, and David Rodolitz on the night of the Flyfish Club Wine Tastings with Gary event.
Video recap of the Flyfish Omakase Party on May 14, 2022
Video recap of Flyfish Club’s VeeCon Pop-Up on May 20, 2022
Photograph of a delicious lamb chops, with words written “Virtual Cooking: Spring Lamb, June 15 at 7pm EDT”.


Photo banner with people having a good time at a party, with words NFT.NYC Cocktail Party by Flyfish Club on June 22 from 1–5pm EDT
Photograph of the Topping Rose house, with the caption “Hampton’s Summer Social. July 30 from 1–5pm EDT”.




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