Fishing Pole Take Time to Consider

When choosing the best fishing pole for your needs take some time and care to consider exactly what your personal requirements are. Consider How you prioritize their importance so that when shopping for your next best fishing pole you have clear purchasing parameters to find the best match.

What are Your Priorities?

S Personal enjoyment is one aspect; the equipment should make fishing fun and easy to do. I Would always go for the equipment that was reliable and simple to use because I would be bad company stuck on a boat with useless equipment while everyone else around me reeled them in.

S Consider your physique and strengths because what might suit your burly friend may not suit you or your child.

S Consider whether most of your fishing is freshwater lakes or rivers, or off the jetty, in the surf or open sea

S Do you want an entry level rod and reel set because you are attempting to entice your mother to take up fishing? In that case, you may not want t to invest for a great deal of money. However, you also want her to enjoy it from the first cast. Purchasing a package may be the best deal for budget and simplification. Same scenario for young children who may throw away the whole kit after the first day.

S Perhaps you are an inveterate traveler but can’t bear to leave your gear at home. In that case, your priority may be a useful reliable rod that packs easily into your suitcase. Or for the more outdoors trekker a rod and reel that fits into a backpack.

S Price point should obviously be taken into account, literally, but know that the least expensive may not be the best value for your priorities.

Five of the Best Fishing Poles

Endsport 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod Graphite Portable Baitcast Rod, Inshore Baitcasting Fishing Rod, Freshwater Baitcaster Rod, Baitcaster (8–20-Pound Test)

This is the type of rod that has great balance so allows you to fish all day without fatigue. It compares favorably if not better than more expensive rods for ease of use and value for money. The rod is compact enough when broken down to fit in your car or truck for excellent portability. In the Words of a friend “Huge bang for you buck.”

This starter kit, designed for young to middle school children, includes everything they will need, apart from skills, to catch their first fish on a hook — rod, reel, floats, and hooks. One bonus is that in the event of your child not becoming hooked on fishing there is a money back guarantee, no questions asked if you decide to return the equipment.

At a pinch this kit can also be used by an adult and because of its telescoping pole design that packs down to a compact 15 inches, this rod might do well tucked into any survival kit you build.

Sougayilang Spinning Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod Reel Line Lure Tackle Kit Combo for Saltwater Freshwater Fishing

This is a kit that includes a rod, reel, lines, lures and baits so purchase it and go fishing. The telescopic fishing pole collapses for easy transportation but extends to make a lightweight, sturdy rod due to its carbon fiber/fiberglass materials. A bonus is that it comes in 6 lengths from 5.91 feet to 10.83 to suit every person and fishing condition, the latter being great for pike.

The telescopic pole is far from being cheap and flimsy. It extends and collapses smoothly whenever you need it and the detachable reel is quality with smooth easy movement to reel in the line.

At entry level price range but workhorse attitude this little telescopic rod is perfect for any situation requiring portability. It is the type of rod that can live in your vehicle, boat, kayak or canoe and at a price of about $30 where you might leave one in each place. It is also the type of rod that you might buy as a gift to encourage the family of friends to have a go at fishing. The line supplied is not good quality so it might be worth replacing that before use to make sure the reel has the best shot at doing its job. This is an inexpensive alternative for a starter kit.

Sougayilang Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod with Spinning Fishing Reel Rod Combo for Saltwater Freshwater Fishing

This lightweight, durable carbon fiber telescopic rod is suitable for surf casting and boat fishing with its long reach or river and lake fishing with shorter lengths that vary from 1.84m to 3.58m. However, it is still perfectly viable for backpacking and showing in any vehicle. The reel provided is of lightweight, good quality and casts easily. In fact, the Whole rod and reel are very lightweight to reduce a possibility of fatigue.

So there are five of the possible best fishing poles for you to compare and consider. Of the telescopic kits there is one that is aimed at young children so if introducing a young person into the fascinating sport of fishing is your goal that would probably be the best option. For entry level teenagers and adults that just want to dabble in the sport to see whether get hooked or not, perhaps one of the other telescopic rod sets would suffice as they include reels and other gear to simplify purchases. I would not go for the cheapest option as although they are fine in experienced hands you might find that a beginner will put undue stress on the gear and even break it which will lead to frustration from the outset.

As to what you choose personally for yourself, that is entirely up to your preference, but whatever you decide I wish you successful days by the Water.

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