My Mother left me for Donald Trump.

I am willing to sacrifice some human relationships to oppose Donald Trump. I am also willing to sacrifice relationships to support Bernie Sanders. I am shocked and dismayed to learn there are people who feel, just as strongly, the opposite. I will make a case that those people are deluded, and/or driven by malice.

Essentially, you’re thinking, that just makes the asshole writing this crap an opinionated jerk like any other jerk.

I will attempt, despite that inevitable truth, to make a distinction of significant moral difference between the above views of the political landscape in America.

I thought for some time about writing a post on Facebook to request that any Trump supporters unfriend me, as a form of political protest. I agonized on when and how to write this post for weeks.

After Super Tuesday I could no longer be silent. This morning I wrote that post, and made it clear that I consider Trump supporters my enemies. My mother is pretty upset. I didn’t know she was a Trump supporter until today, but I had suspected that would be the case.

My mother is of the late stage baby boomer generation. I am forever grateful for how much she read to me as a very young child. She worked her ass off raising my sister and I, especially after the P’s got divorced. My childhood was neither idyllic, nor bad in any real way. We literally never discussed the idea of religion or god that I can remember. (I do not capitalize that word.) At some point in the nineties mom became a Christian, probably because of my stepdad’s beliefs, and I even dipped my toe in that water briefly. I am now solidly an Atheist, and have been for fifteen years or so. My sister became a Catholic in her late twenties, that was a surprise.

Mom relies on state social programs for her lifestyle and votes as a hardline neoconservative Christian. She thinks Bernie Sanders is as dangerous as I believe Drumpf to be. My sister is a pragmatic supporter of Sanders, she will vote for Hillary if it comes to it. They both believe they are voting based on Christian values. I am of the opinion that the very idea of “god” is, at this moment in history, dangerous for the human species. I am also voting for Sanders, he’s our only hope. I opposed Billy C, I opposed every Bush, I have no allegiance to a political party and care only about the policy platform. I have a ton of respect for my sister and her religious beliefs, and she respects that I have eschewed deism, as well. We happen to agree about this election, but when we disagree our respect and love does not suffer. Sadly our mother seems to believe that everyone she doesn’t know personally is out to murder Christian people over the age of 55 at their dirty gay socialist drugs-and-buttsex wedding for Allah. Mom loved drugs until the early 90s, but now she’s vehemently opposed to anyone else having some fun. Her hobby now seems to be seeking out the next thing to be super super sad about. I can’t count the guilt trips, they are legion.

The reason I believe supporting Donald Trump is dangerous? He openly talks about causing harm to people. In contrast, Bernie Sanders openly talks about helping people. In fact, both men speak almost exclusively to those topics. Hegemony, and a conquering racist empire are what Trump says he believes in. Just listen to him, his rhetoric is loaded with fear, hate, and separatism. I believe he may be the United States’ Nero if he takes office. I am pretty sure the inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty doesn’t say anything about “Build a wall.”

I have a policy against living in countries that have big walls to keep the others out, or ourselves in.

A vote for Trump is a vote to harm people that you do not know. And maybe some that you do.

Mom doesn’t admit she’s wrong about anything, a disease of the mind currently at epidemic scale in this country. She would rather sacrifice her relationship with me and support that horrible, distinctly un-Christian man.

I understand that I am the one that drew a line in the sand, made a dramatic Facebook post and brought this challenge on myself, and I accept the consequences of it. I have taken this stand because I want to help people I will never know. I believe in caring for one another as Americans, neighbors and human beings. I believe in joining the rest of the developed world in having more robust social programs to take care of citizens who need help, like my Mother.

I am taking action, and it hurts.