A Renting Guide to Toronto

Lmao which Toronto are you referring to because NO landlords will ask merely $50–$300. In ALL long-term lease cases, the landlord will require first and last month; many times upfront even before the first day of moving in. Almost all will charge for key deposit, and SOME will charge for safety deposit. And pet charges? Typical apartments and houses for students don’t have any pet charges. It is the legal right of the tenants to keep a pet, so what’s the charges for?

And you need to be clear on the rent. Is single room referring to 1-br apartment? If yes, you need to specify that is the rent you’ll find outside the city (eg: York, Scarborough) because no way in hell there’s a $900 1-br apartment here. Hell, I don’t think Scarbs even offer that kind of rent anymore. Maybe a bachelor, but definitely not a 1-br apartment.

Also, please don’t recommend Akelius. Their apartments are horribly mismanaged. Akelius doesn’t give a sh*t about their tenants. Bedbugs, rude contractors, improper charges, etc.

Lastly, please don’t put “prestigious” and “York University” in the same line. It’s an insult to the actual prestigious university. You know which one I’m talking about.

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