Time reversal

“Have you ever thought of time reversal, the time going back, the same way as it goes forward”
“No, I thought of traveling back into the time once”
“Oh! That’s easy, you can always travel back into the time when you fall asleep thinking of your days when you were four or fifteen, and believe me you’ll end up reliving those moments, sometimes exactly in the same way they occured, and sometimes with a twist”
“So you mean, dreaming is kind of distorted travelling machine”
“Haha, you can say that”
“By the way, time reversal, would you please elaborate?”
“See, if the time suddenly starts going back, we would start our trek from the peak, going backward to where we started, knowing that we will reach there for sure, for it was the place we started from”
“Haha, a journey which starts from the destination”
“Yes, and the rain flying back to the sky, the sun rising in the evening, you kissing me in the morning not to wake me up but to sleep”
“But, what about the poems you wrote? Erasing it word by word with the pen once you wrote them with, what about going back to the time we first met and separate for ever, hm?
“A good idea indeed, see if we separate now, we would meet when the time starts reverting….”
They both laughed as he defended himself off the pillows she hurled.