#FireMcMaster, explained

By the way, I first want to say i love MEDIUM and all the great articles. However, att this time, I have a very valid concern regarding this article: https://medium.com/dfrlab/firemcmaster-explained-9e9018e507c2

The article listed the research and the specific articles devoted to General McMaster; however, I failed to find the answer to my question. My question is as follows: It is, in fact, true that General McMasters fired the following pro-Trump staffers: K.T. McFarland, Rich Higgins, Adam Lovinger, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, and Derek Harvey. We know this is a fact, but what you failed to tell us is why did McMaster fire these pro-Trump staffers?

As we have a sitting “Right” President, it would seem that General McMasters would be in support of that President. In firing the above staffers, McMasters owes it to them to clearly state why he would fire the staffers of a sitting President, whom he was hired to support. In firing the above, he must realize their reputations and careers have been tarnished.

Further, this article indicates McMaster did not support the holdovers of the Obama Administration, which he did. I find the following publication to be factual and very well respected: https://counterjihadreport.com/ I read it daily, as I do the MEDIUM.

Research in statistics on Twitter is interesting, but aside from Twitter, I would rather have the facts than the tweets. I know that Rich Higgins wrote a memo on events in the White House, which were concerning to him. Is that why McMaster fired him? If these events, in fact, did happen, then does this firing fail to protect Higgins under the “whistleblower’s law?”

I look forward to you reply.

Thank you,

Ruby Henley

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