We made our team work on the weekend and they loved it.

The Weekend Project: While you traverse the city or look out a window at a rain-dropped street, focus on and capture one of the most important elements of the monsoons — the umbrella.

Why just umbrellas? Well, it’s a tribute to them before they lose its importance in our lives. Would you dare forget to carry one? Or not buy another if you left it in the train? Of course not, but we’ll ask you again after three months and we’ll see where your umbrella stands then.

For now, have a look at the city, the love-hate feels we have for the monsoons and many many important umbrellas.

-Team FC

In case of accidents or any life-threatening diseases, we rush to friends, relatives, sometimes strangers and blood banks for blood. Sometimes, a delay of a few minutes or hours can cost lives.
We have all had a friend or family member who has needed blood at some time, and might even in the future. Wouldn’t you like to be able to help them?
And that’s why we created the Blood United app! To make it much easier and quicker to connect seekers with willing blood donors, directly and efficiently.


Why should you consider donating blood? Because it has potential…

It was just another Friday, some were finishing up work, some hoped to make it for happy hour and others were just sitting in happy daze that only Friday can provide.

Then came the email. The email that changed the world as we knew it.

*cue dramatic music*

There were tears, there were giggles, and there was also a bit of confusion.

Flying Cursor was to have a play-off? Like football? There’s a hashtag? What is a play-off? Wait, what play?

Well, the last part… we'd have to decide that for ourselves. Each of the four teams got 2 weeks…

Interesting times call for interesting conversations. And so emerged The Spool!

What is The Spool? Simply put, it’s a destination where we are in conversation with the most interesting people of our times. People in art, culture, music, film, performance, media and more. And we bring those conversations to you every Tuesday.

Because, well, the nation wants to know.

Who have we had these interesting conversations with so far, you ask? Take a look. And read. Don’t forget to read!

We’re back. And we’re back dancing with this one on the choreography video fever sweeping the internet. So if you’re new to the trend, here’s our resident dancing queen Manasi Srivathsan telling you who to watch out for online.

We at Flying Cursor have always been a sucker for having a life outside of work. Digital agencies are always working at random times with last minute client calls, changes and lack of sleep, but here at FC, we believe that you can easily get the best of both worlds and if you don’t, you merge them together!

FC has always had really cool dancers show us what they got during office parties and initiation week. …

Image Credit: http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/

So #Brexit just happened. And despite the deluge of stuff on your Facebook wall if you still haven’t figured out what it’s all about, let us help.

Oh you thought we’re going to explain the #Brexit drama to you? Nawwwww! We’re going to help you sound like you know it! How? By revealing to you the 5 steps to writing the perfect #Brexit status message even if you learnt of it’s existence just this morning.

Step 1:

Gain basic knowledge. That means knowing the following equation.

British + Exit = Brexit!

Simple hai. Really.

Step 2:

Say it’s a bad…

Face it. We’re all cricket experts. From the comfort of our couches and bean bags we’re all super enthu and wise cricket watching humans. But what do you do when cricket becomes a part of what you do for a living?

Ask us. We’ll tell you.

When Flying Cursor got the Sunrisers Hyderabad account in 2014, we were very excited. Hey, it’s an IPL team after all! We ideated together to understand the tonality, the brand and our digital strategy on social media.

Even though the team was 1 year old, it was a team driven by pure passion for…

We shot one of our most exciting films in March’16. You’ll see it soon on the internet AND ON TV! Being on the road for 3 days, driving across Rajasthan ensures that you witness some awesome sights. The Humans of Flying Cursoron location were juggling between work and being occasional smartphone photographers.
Since they moved around in a group, they saw the same sights and while they shot everything they came across, Kartik sneakily captured them going *click* *click* *click* and overheard a lot of (censored version) “I saw this first!”, “Don’t steal my shot”, “C’mon be original”. …


Another year has ended at FC. And boy was it epic! Because basically EVERYTHING happened this year. We did fabulous work, great new people joined the team, we got a lovely new office…the list is endless. If you’ve been following us then you know this is true. However, if you haven’t (BUT WHYYY?!), let us help you out. We’ve decided to put it all together to give you a little glimpse at our 2015. …

We love collaborations. And this project had many. Firstly an amazing client, 4 super supportive #SCInsiders, and everyone else who had a part to play in the project.

#SCInsiders, a project for Standard Chartered, took us to Delhi, where we attended The Economist India Summit where we rubbed shoulders with the who’s who of Indian (and foreign) business.

But first, a little background on the #SCInsiders

This year, to make the Summit available to the larger public, we partnered with Standard Chartered, the founding partners of The Economist India Summit, sent 4 influential people from varied backgrounds to attend, learn…

Flying Cursor

There are so many interesting conversations to be had. So let’s talk!

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