FC Recommends 1: The Life and Times Of Krish Raghav

We’re a digital agency so needless to say we spend a lot of time on the weird and wonderful thing that is the internet. And if you’ve ever just been browsing, which frankly every human has, you know how you just stumble upon really cool stuff. We do too. A LOT of cool stuff. And since we’re such big believers in sharing and caring, we’re going to pass all that on to you. Presenting, FC Recommends — a weekly column on the interesting, the amusing, the awe-inspiring, the alarming, the entertaining and everything else that we come across that we feel you should see.

First up — The life, times and adventures of Krish Raghav.

Krish is a journalist-turned-policy-adviser who has decided to document his life and it’s many changes, locations, ups and down via comic strips. Years in Chennai and Delhi have been swapped for some exciting and frantic times across S.E.Asia and Krish has taken to talking about his experiences all over the place through his illustrations.

It’s real, it’s interesting and it sure turns traditional travel blogging on it’s head. Actually, it’s not travel blogging at all. It’s chronicling your life in a fascinating way and we wish more people did it.

For instance, his latest move from Singapore to Beijing. Check out Krish talking about it.

Intrigued? Then follow Krish’s adventures here: http://beijingbrown.tumblr.com/

And if comics are not your thing, then maybe music is!

Krish also puts together a fortnightly podcast called ‘Interesting Times’ (https://soundcloud.com/interesting-times-podcast) — a mixtape of fresh, independent, pan-Asian music that covers, according to him, everything “from Karachi rooftops to Tokyo livehouses.”

Hmmm…interesting we say. What better way to try and understand all the new places and cultures you’re exploring than collecting its sounds?! And then putting it out there for the world to hear is just the icing on the cake

You can subscribe to Krish’s playlists at http://tinyletter.com/krishraghav. He’s very happy for people to contribute to these playlists so if you have any ideas, feel free to send them along to the gentleman in question at krish.raghav@gmail.com.

That’s all for this first edition of FC Recommends. We’ll be back next week with another cool thing for you to check out.

Till then, ENJOY YAAR! Oh and….


Originally published at flyingcursor.com on August 6, 2015.

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