Hey Technology! What’s New?

To Invent Or Not To Invent…that should never be the question! And so when TIME Magazine came out with its list of the 25 best inventions of 2014, we sat up a little straighter. We went over it all with avid interest and pointed at every second thing with a loud “I want!”.

Everything on this list is amazing, making the world better/smarter/healthier and most importantly — FUNNER!!! In a world ravaged by crazies, funner is great. But we did have certain favourites and here they are.

1) Mangalyaan — Because we got it right! Full national pride an all! My country smartest!

2) A Tablet that helps the deaf communicate with ease — Because NO ONE should be unable to express themselves.

3) Screens for Digital Art — Yes please! Because what’s the point of art if we can’t display it and admire it?! And don’t you dare say digital art ain’t real art. This digital agency will not be amused.

4) 3-D Printing — Just the idea is insanely awesome! And so much is already being done with it from healthcare to digitally printing Shahrukh Khan. You think we’re kidding? Nevah! Here. Look.

5) OMG! A hovering (which is almost like flying okay?) skateboard! Do we need another reason to be excited?! Quidditch on skateboards is all we can think of now! 😀

Take a look at the complete list at http://time.com/3594971/the-25-best-inventions-of-2014/ and dream away. We know we are


Originally published at flyingcursor.com on January 15, 2015.