Shaoli is silly over Shahrukh. True story.

Every once in a while comes a movie star who captures the imagination of a generation. And every once in a while you run into a superfan of said star. In this case, the movie star we’re talking about is Shah Rukh Khan- that iconic romancer of leading ladies who still turns a lot of otherwise rational women into “OMGMERARAJAAYEGA” screaming, running after train with your hand sticking out loonies.

And we have one of those loon…errr…superfans right here in office. Shaoli Rudra, our resident Bollyphile occasionally writes for Hindustan Times Brunch on (no prizes for guessing) Bollywood! And when they casually asked her if this time she wanted to write on all things SRK, this is what happened.

Silly over ShahRukh

Celebrate DDLJ’s 1000 weeks at the movies by reading Shaoli’s piece right here →

FYI — She’s watched DDLJ 57 times! So it’s but obvious that when asked how she felt about the whole deal, Shaoli had lots to say.

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Fangirl much?

In Real Life:



Originally published at on December 12, 2014.

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