We Like To Move It Move It

If you follow us on any of our social media handles and haven’t been an ostrich with your head buried in the sand recently, then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve moved to a new office. YAY! 😀

And just in case you somehow missed it, here’s a pretty silhouette-y sneak peek!

Wise people say change is good. And we kinda agree. Hence we have a spanking new office that we love dearly and we’re going to do some kickass work here! But the journey across the road (you’ll understand why we say this 3 lines later) has been a story in itself and today, exactly one week to the day that we’ve changed addresses, we’re going to tell you all about it.

But before we do that, let us address that most important FAQ — “Where have you moved to?”

The Answer: We moved right across the road from our old office. (We can’t go THAT far away. We’ll have massive withdrawal issues!) And so we decided to move to the shiny glass building just opposite. Our previous landmark to explain our location to folks is now the new office!

This move was bittersweet for most of us. While the idea of a new office, more space, drawers (yes drawers are exciting!) and a view was very appealing, we were sad to leave behind some things.

A Fifa in a blue tub.

Long conversational lunches, the people we lunched with and their lunch boxes.

A riot of colour everywhere you turned your head.

The general ambience of that cavernous yellow industrial space with dodgy internet. This was taken on the last day in the old office. Sums up Flying Cursor rather well don’t you think? *Full Feels*

But why dwell on the past when there is an awesome new office to talk about?!

It’s been put together with such love. From the furniture to the blinds to the flooring to the all important bathroom tiles to the fridge to whether the water filter must be RO…every little bit of FC’s new home has much pyaar and dulaar in it. And not just ours!

Much thanks is also owed to all the guys who actually put all the little pieces together. Special shout out to the AC guy with swag. Also described as “Uska na bilkul Salman Khan ki tarah style tha…full bandana shandana!” We were too dazzled by his bhai-dom to take a picture. You’ll just have to take our word for it.

For all the gentlemen in the following pictures — *APPLAUSE*

You know you love your new office when you often go to admire it even before it is ready. With highly loving looks. See?

Some of us thought it looked like a dance studio. Quite conceivable, considering office looked like this before the desks came in.

Just imagine us in tutus ballet-ing across that floor…(Stop laughing! We so could!) But the one common consensus about the new office? THE VIEW IS KILLER! CHECK IT OUT! 😀

Moving day was cool. There was the very special highly co-ordinated moving day look featuring baggy shorts and t-shirts. Coming soon to the ramps of Milan & Paris of course.

But the highlight of the day? Cake! Yummy chocolatey cake that finished in about 5 seconds of being cut!

And so we have a new office to call home. Different in look and yet nothing has really changed. Why do we say that? Because we’re already dola-ing here.

Because the pencil boxes, the boomerang and the phone case are on the wall where they belong.

Because Milo approves of the premises and has agreed to hang out here once in a while.

Because there is cool artwork around making our loos anything but ordinary.

So you see, this has been one helluva ride to this new space and we think it’s going to be one fun place to work! Where FC will be upto its usual madness and genius. So come visit! And when you do, we’ll do this dance:


Originally published at flyingcursor.com on June 1, 2015.