We Started A University!

Remember those drunken nights when you’re just sitting with your friends and suddenly some brilliant soul screams, ‘We should start a bar!’. To which there’s an encore of ‘We should totally start a bar!’. Well we’ve got a somewhat similar story to tell. Sort of..

National Geographic Channel was back with a new season of their hilarious and entertaining show ‘Science Of Stupid’. And this time they wanted to free the world from stupidity.

First we zeroed in on the problem. If you watch the news, are on twitter or simply go out in public then you know that there are as many stupid people in the world as there are spots on a dalmatian. Maybe even more.

So how do we solve this? How do we free them from the shackles of stupidity? By the simplest & oldest solution there is. Educating them. With that, we welcome you to UnStupid University!

Go here to check it out: www.natgeounstupiduniversity.com

To quote no one, ‘Stupidity — It’s a disease!’ And we’re offering the cure. Get yours today.


Originally published at flyingcursor.com on August 19, 2015.

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