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“It might seem crazy now, but it probably won’t later. Or it will. I dunno, I’m no fortune teller.” — The last Fortune Teller I visited in GetRektia (I didn’t know at the time he had quite the memory problem).

It has been quite long since I first discovered my ability to traverse from my realm — GetRektia — to your realm — Earth, or ‘centre of the universe’ as some say even thought that’s far from the truth.

A Little History Lesson About GetRektia

GetRektia, simply put, is somewhat of an amalgamation of worlds. If there was a centre to existence, it would more likely…

Hi, I am FlyinGerbiL, adventurer, one of the few humans here, and Winner of the Kingdom of GetRektia’s annual ‘SynthRock Band Most Likely to Somewhat Impress the Queen’ Award three years in a row.

I must admit that since the Queen outlawed all music centuries ago and now only allows my band to make, play, record, or even speak about music without fear of beheading, victory has been almost assured every year.

I say almost because in the first year of the competition, we lost to an empty stage void of sound. The Invisibles have been attributed a great many…

I think I nailed the title. Do you think I nailed the title? I definitely do. All it has to do is create some sort of intrigue after all, which I feel it does.

Hello, welcome, I am FlyinGerbiL. Formerly — and still actually — René Vorster. I have recently decided to stop splitting all the content I create into different categories and lump them all together. Why? …

Before we begin, this is spoiler free. So, if you haven’t played Fallen Order yet, don’t worry, this is a spoiler-free zone.

There’s no other way for me to start this. I do not like EA. Electronic Arts has turned from an entity that understands what the gamer wants to something more sly and creepy than a Dianoga.

So, now that it’s clear I’m not an EA fan boy or someone who wants to praise their work for no reason, here’s my verdict on one of the more enjoyable games I’ve played in 2019.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was…

Passionate Love — Muhammed Salah

Jim always enjoyed the walk to his local coffee shop, even today, with the skies a darker crimson than usual on his eyes.

At least he would get to see her one final time.

The end times, they called it; the day of departure. And if he made it on time, their get-together would last precisely ten minutes.


“You’re late,” Lilith called to Jim who was drawing closer to her from across the empty street. “Always late.”

“The foot traffic today was out of control,” he shrugged. “You should have seen it.”

Lilith frowned mockingly, accepting his prideful apology masked…

‘You’re years too late!’ I hear you bellow from the back.

‘I know, but I’ve always wanted to write something about this beautiful game and how it’s inspired my own creative ideas. So, calm down and read it, or move along and wait until Sunday for my short story!’

Here we go.

Brought to you by thatgamecompany — and no that’s not a typo, it’s actually just a lovely name for an indie studio — Journey tasks you with a long, lonely walk to reach the summit of what seems an insurmountable mountain (insert life lesson here) by trekking through…

Falkenrath Aristocrat — Igor Kieryluk

I remember the first time I saw her; The Mother, she was called.

Her dress a woven silk of alabaster white, drenched in a redness that felt almost alive when gazed upon. I swear the fabric was moving; whispering even. The closer she came the harder it became to focus. My vision struggled with blurred shapes in the surrounding darkness and my mouth was parched as scorched earth.

The wind had not known of this place. That much was clear by the humidity and the stillness in the pools of water which reflected perfectly the flames in the surrounding braziers…

First things first, The Footpath will be my series on game discussions. I wouldn’t necessarily call it reviews, but I guess it will have similar direction. The point of these are — simply put — to have a creative discussion about titles that have opened my eyes to broader themes and bigger picture ways of thinking.

With the mandatory intro out of the way, let’s welcome our first game. It currently weighs in at just over 9 years old having been released in July of 2010 by Playdead Studios. …

The Dark Citadel — Andreas Rocha

‘Another?’ the stocky, red-bearded man asks, breaking the silence in a tone that reeks of forced courtesy as much as it does harsh spirits.

‘There’s no need to play servant.’ I reply curtly, my eyes fixated on the dancing firelight of the hearth. ‘I can pour my own drinks.’

‘Not in my inn you won’t. Makes it hard to keep count of the coin you owe me.’

‘You don’t trust me?’

‘I don’t know you.’

I gesture at my clothes with an upturned palm and a shift in gaze from the fire to the man. ‘Everyone knows me.’

‘Might be…

Noah Bradley — Into the Fire

If I was the guy you see above this text, that island would be something I’ve been searching for, for quite a long while.

I’ve spent a lot of time — and I mean years — trying to find the ‘ultimate answer’. No, the answer is not 42 (R.I.P Douglas Adams), although there are some good theories out there to support its possibility.

The answer I’m referring to is a lot simpler. It doesn’t answer the ‘ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything’. It merely answers the question: ‘where will I find my ultimate happiness?’. Where do I want…


When I have time to write, I do that. Cheers to those who enjoy it. Find me on twitch.tv/flyingerbil and youtube.com/flyingerbil to support my other stuff :)

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