I went back to my hometown and there were quite a number of events. I collected my STPM certificate by going back to my former school where I studied Form 6, SMK Batu Lintang. It was a very awesome feeling. Then, I collected the STPM cash award that is worth RM650. I saw a my friend there and we talked and we had lunch together provided by the Sarawak Timber Association. It was a buffet lunch. I also went under the bridge facing the Sarawak River. It was a extremely nice view, it was known as Sungai Sarawak Regulation Scheme. I also met up my friends from SPM and watch Train to Busan (No spoilers so watch it on your own). The movie was good by the way.

Anyway, it was a nice semester break well spent in Kuching. Will come back again after the end of final exam of 1st/2nd (1st year, 2nd semester), which will mean that my 1st year in UTP officially ended.

Before the ceremony began
With my friend
Nice food

I am inside the Borneo post! I am the one wearing white shirt and blue tie (at the left to the person wearing pick colour shirt)

You can read the article at the Borneo Post by clicking HERE.

The view of the river is so nice. To my future gf, I will bring you here for the view. :)

The photo down there is the Kuching Barrage and Shiplock.

Nice view. I like to pass by this area. Near the Sarawak Energy building.
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