Life in UTP (1st/1st) — Finale (Part 1)

We are almost at the end of 1st/1st (1st year, 1st semester). Final exam is still ongoing with 3 papers down and another 3 papers left to sit for. There are some new things I did and lots of stories to tell here.

Spoiler alert : Part 2 of 1st/1st finale will be the most interesting one. Plus it will be the last article for 1st/1st. How time flies. It will be goodbye to 1st/1st.

1. Kayaking

I tried kayaking and it was fun. Seriously. Well, it was the best time to chill and look at the scenery. The most uncomfortable thing is that my butt was soaked with water and the lower part of my shirt too. Overall, it was a nice experience and my two other friends who went kayaking on a different boat, loves it.

2. Malaysians Olympian are our heroes

Thank you for bringing back the medals (4 silver + 1 bronze). Although there is no gold, still wanna say you have the fighting spirit inside you. One of the best things in life is to see everyone united watching a badminton match.

Watched Lee Chong Wei — Chen Long match during that night. It was a nice match and all of us went back disappointed when our hero did not clinch the gold medal. Still, we clapped when Chen Long cried when he won the gold medal. This is called sportsmanship and respect.

When Lee Chong Wei is suspected to hit the shuttle cock out, we shouted : “IN IN IN IN!!” For Chen Long, well it is “ OUT OUT OUT OUT!!” Haha!

UTP students cheering when LCW beats Lin Dan is featured in this Astro Awani video!

The crowd is HUGE!!
Yes. UTP Village 5. Lots of people! Cheers

3. Half marathon successfully completed

Woke out a bit late but still I went to run. Kinda fun but tiring at the end. Thankfully, the water supply is continuous. After that, I felt tired and my leg hurts. Well it was worth it and I looked forward to other runs.

4. Ex-roommate, have a nice journey in your new university life

My ex-roommate left. Before that he treated me and some friends food. Later, I helped him to move out some of his stuffs to his car. I hugged him and he chao(left) and after that, I am alone in my room. It is a very different feeling and I hope I can met him someday again.

Final Exam

How was final exam? Well, there were same tricky questions (this is totally expected), which is the time that students like me utilize our brain power to the maximum. The Chancellor Hall and Undercroft room that is very cold and it is not helping at all.

During the Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE), into the final hour of the examination, my hands were extremely cold and I thought of stopping. In spite of that, I haven’t finish and continue to finish. After that, I only have a few minutes left to check the answers. Really need to buy a jacket and a pair of gloves.

Also one more thing, I will not discuss the answers after final exam. If it is right, then it is right. If it is wrong, then it is wrong. What is the point of discussing it anyway? No point getting upset if you get the answer wrong. You can’t change it anyway and you will get over it eventually.

I will continue the final part of this article once I am back in Kuching, Sarawak (my beloved hometown). Can’t wait to go back! Once I am back, hello Sarawak, the land of hornbills!

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