Life in UTP (1st/2nd) — Part 2

The 2nd week of the semester began and everyone came back for class. The first lecture is Health, Safety and Environment. We did some pop quizzes by using Kahoot, a multiple choice question where the participant get points for getting the correct answer and even more for answering it fast and getting the correct answer too. Well, a multiracial group of five have to be formed, and told that we have to some movie called Deepwater Horizon. Well, that was interesting.

All the six subjects are taught beginning this week. Well, we are still at the early stage of this semester. Well, introduction of the subjects are still okay. This semester, it is about converting SI units to English units. Yes, I have to remember the values. Example, 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

Chemical Engineering Bootcamp 4.0

I was one of the facilitator for the bootcamp. I was given the emcee role. What I did was that I spoke to the audience by inviting some lecturers, alumni, final year students to give their talk. The whole event was held at the seminar room. It was almost the same like the previous bootcamp, which I attended as a participant. The attendance is like 60% to 70%. This bootcamp has more students compared to the previous because the class size is larger compared to mine. They are in 1st/1st now.

Here is my facilitator card!

From participant to facilitator


You see me in the photo, with Evan. It is a bit blur, took it from a friend’s Snapchat.


I am one of the facilitator standing on the leftest.

Overall, it is a nice experience. What is the best is the free flow of food and drinks since there is excess of it. Very tiring though.

UTCC (UTP Team Chess Championship) Family Day

Nothing much, it is just a gathering of committees. Introduction of committees. There were games too. I am in charge in one of the games. It was fun overall. Then we have dinner, which is great too.

And here goes the 2nd week.

The 3rd week came and that’s the week where the quiz began. The subjects that have quiz is Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics and Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics.

We have this MMK event called Minggu Mesra Kampus where every student body came together. Some recruit member and some sell their items. It was great.

The most interesting thing of the week is

AIESEC in UTP recruitment interview

It was a bit tough with lots of questions being thrown towards me. I gave whatever answers I can think of and hopefully they accept me into their team. The interview lasted like half an hour. Anyway, it was a great experience whatever the outcome is.

And finally the Pokemon run.

I had breakfast with the 2nd/2nd students with the Assistant Project Director driving me and them for breakfast. This is the first time I had breakfast in early morning. Well, after that we went back to Chancellor Hall and me and the others head to the stations respectively.

At my station, me and some other guys threw coloured powder onto the participants and road is coloured with powder. After the last participant passed through our station. We used the pail filled with water to clean the road up. It took like an hour like that. Overall the event was great.

Well, I am a step closer to a busier student life in UTP as the weeks where the assignments, tests and other events will be approaching. Goodbye to the “honeymoon” weeks.