Life in UTP (2nd/1st) — Part 4 [Before Holiday]

It has been a busy two weeks for 5th and 6th week of the semester.

  1. Two tests I out of the six tests I is finally over! Yeah!! Goodbye Academic Writing Test I and C++ Programming Test I.

2. Thank you for bringing me out for lunch, yeah! To Ed, Jav, YZ and Hen. It has been a while since I ate at Tronoh on Week 5 Friday, after the academic writing test I.

3. I wouldn’t be going back to my hometown, Kuching, Sarawak. If you are wondering why:

Do you think I want to pay this much just for one way? Last month I check it was RM 300 plus. One way only. Not worth it anyway. On the bright side, it will make me appreciate my hometown more.

Week 7 holiday

Better study during the break. After all, there are four more tests to go so might as utilize the time to study and make the most out of it. Don’t enjoy much during the break because I believe that the real gratification is at the end of 2nd year. I believe that I will save up lots of money to travel to places like Langkawi, which I hope to go come this end of December.

This coming Hari Raya, I want to wish my Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya and balik kampung safely. And to those not celebrating, just enjoy the holiday yeah.

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