What if I told you, I have unfriended more than half of a 1,000 so called “friends” on Facebook? The unfriending still continues.

When I was young, back in Form 2, I would add hundreds of “friends” to increase my Facebook friends. The highest it ever reached was 800+ “friends”, if I am not mistaken and I can remember. It was more than half a decade ago, the younger generation would be like, the more Facebook friends I have, the more better it is. Hey look people, I have thousands of Facebook friends!!

Time passed and this is no longer the case. When I looked back and I was like why did I have so many strangers on my Facebook friends list? Slowly I decided to remove them. The number of so called “friends” plummeted from 800+ to 700, then down to less than half of a 1,000, and eventually around 260, if I can still remember. Ever since I entered UTP, the number jumped up to almost 370. I still removed some in the process. I will continue to remove some as time passes.

I have some reasons to unfriend people on Facebook. And below here are the reasons:

1. Strangers (People I never met before in life)

2. People who belittle me, looked down at me as if as I am deplorable

3. People who treated me badly (This type of people treated me with disrespect just because they dislike me)

A few of them are blocked on Facebook due to their shitty attitude towards me. Yes, by the way I don’t want to see their name on Facebook. Just like I don’t want to hear any mention of their name and see their face in real life. When your attitude is ugly, no matter how handsome/pretty you are, you are a terrible person. You can choose not to like a person, but does not mean that you can be arrogant and disrespectful.

When I was younger, I would take the unfriending thing personally. I never like it when people unfriend me. There were some who unfriended me and I lost count of it. And then I realised that the unfriend thingy is just… well unfriend.

Let’s go back to real life. There are lots of people out there that doesn’t treat you like a real friend. Of course, out of the number of friends you have in the Facebook friend list, you will definitely have fake friends. How would you define fake friends? To me, they are the type of people who want something out of you, and when you can no longer provide the things that they want, you are no longer their “friend”. Time and situation will tell if your friend is genuine or not. These fake friends are very thick-faced and unabashed people.

“Hey, can give me answer for this assignment?”
“ Hey, can you give me a lift? I need to go somewhere”

If you ask them to do the same towards you and if they said “sorry, I can’t do this bla bla bla” and this is done often, chances are, these are fake people that are one of the worst type of people in this world.

Analyse people to determine if they are fake or not. Yes, use your observation! Be smart. If they treat you like an object that is being tossed around, fight back and expose their bullshit. You deserved better.

Back to the Facebook friend thing, I dare to say that I am close to less than 5% of the number of the Facebook friends that I currently have. What about my friends in university? So far most of them are great and quite okay. But only time will tell if people are really genuine friends. So yes, I need more time.

Compared to my life back in Kuching, I had very few friends. Even when I talked to some people, it felt like the friendship isn’t there at all. There are real friends too. Instead of getting the truth to why this happen, why that happen, I was lied about it, not once but several times. Even though it was a white lie, I was offended. I know who like dishonest people? Just like fake news exists, fake friends exists. Do you know that fake items in the supermarket have low quality? Just like fake friends, their characteristics depict them as low quality people.

My life in UTP improved because I don’t always get to do the things in UTP back in Kuching. Get to hang out often. Get to enjoy long conversation with more people. But you know what, I think that real friends are the one who respect you and accept you for being who you are. Most importantly, they are honest most of the time. (We can’t expect people to be 100% honest right?)

Not forgetting that when you use offensive words, they take it with a pinch of salt and they laugh and they exchanged more offensive statement towards you and you laugh even more. Now that’s a real friend.

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