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Like no other, by notable comparison, and having the opportunity to establish a team; I did. Carl Quintiliani , is so often refereed to as a walking legend of St. Pete. for evolving to be the worlds “Fantasy 3d Street Art Master” I believe we are seeing history, being made out of Pinellas county, Florida. In my opinion, we can only compare the spirit of an artist thats been seen in history, over and over and time again, and it is quite clear with Carl Quintiliani’s public tenacity, being far out and past the typical limits of most, or as he quotes to “Knock Em Dead.” It is noted well, and , of Quintiliani’s works, are available all over the internet in growing numbers, with articles, and a great volume of video, available on YouTube etc.

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We are engaging all media for the new documentary of Carl Quintiliani, so we ask that the production is shared and thanks to all who show their patronage.http://streetartdocu.livejourn...

Documenting Carl Quintiliani.

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