• Rex Pickett

    Rex Pickett

    Author of the novel SIDEWAYS (Oscar-winning film by Alexander Payne). Just closed my SIDEWAYS (the play) in an SRO run at the La Jolla Playhouse.

  • Stage32.com


    Join over 650,000 film, TV & digital creatives who use http://Stage32.com to network, find work & learn “LinkedIn for creatives”-Forbes. Follow @RBwalksintoabar

  • Dan Kosmayer

    Dan Kosmayer

    Founder & CEO of Kozzi Images - Leader in providing stunning images at very affordable prices / Passionate Photographer and Microstock Blogger

  • Ward Plunet

    Ward Plunet

    bio, growth and lifehacker. Building a neuroeconomic based startup business: Idea, Build, Measure, Learn (repeat). Phd in Neuroscience.

  • Shelly Kramer

    Shelly Kramer

    Brand strategist, tech geek. Innovator. Disruptor. Questioner of all things. Grammatically correct. Solver of problems. Upstart. Drinker of wine.

  • A Devoted Yogi

    A Devoted Yogi

    follow the unfolding journey - an expression of dedication and devotion to the ongoing exploration of the Self.. an adventuring meditative contemplative yogi

  • Dan Ryan

    Dan Ryan

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