President Donald Trump — Commander-in-Chief and Spiritual Catalyst?

Being the leader of the free world, President Donald Trump is poised to have tremendous impact on the entire planet. What he says or does almost instantaneously impacts all of us whether he’s addressing trade agreements, immigration policy, foreign policy or tweeting about Saturday Night Live. Could his words also help us discover what our spiritual curriculum is?

Many have judged President Trump a bully, racist, egomaniac and a chauvinist to name a few and they may be right…I’m not here to prove or disprove his policies or character. I’m writing to draw into focus what I see happening on another level…our spiritual and personal evolution. First, consider the many other Presidents before him who championed ideas that our legal system has now outlawed or changed. Think about those who supported slavery before Lincoln was President or the tough stance Nixon took with Vietnam and his lying about Watergate and how those choices turned out. And remember what happened in the oval office during Clinton’s administration that led to his impeachment. Mr. Trump is not the first or the last president to embody negative qualities that are begging for a conscious public conversation and collective spiritual healing.

However, unlike others before him, political correctness isn’t important to President Trump; he flat out says what he feels and in spite of protests, attempts to push back and follow through on his words publicly, which gives all of us an opportunity to explore and give voice to our own beliefs, values, judgments, projections and unconscious motives when we may not have done so otherwise. He is a fantastic trigger for us. This is his gift to us spiritually.

Think about what is possible: what if instead of seeing triggering events as bad things, we focus on the fact that he is bringing up these cultural and personal wounds — that we all have — so that we can deal with and heal them personally and collectively. Have you ever been bullied? I have. I was struck down on an elementary school field by a student who said I made a racist comment. I did not. I did however have a racist thought or two after he said that. I’ve had chauvinistic thoughts as well and I don’t need to go back 20 years to come up with an example. Let’s be honest: we all have them — it’s part of being human — and part of our spiritual homework.

What a service to our humanity this President could be if we chose to see him that way. It could be a time where we as a human community come to terms with our feelings about racism, egotism, chauvinism and bullying and work past them! We are clearly being triggered. Let’s do the spiritual and emotional work, get free of the issues we have been carrying around for generations and evolve. Think how great life could be if we dropped those burdensome rocks in our backpacks and instead carried the opposite values of inclusiveness, humility, equality and compassion every day and everywhere we go. Maybe it sounds like a pipe dream to some, but we have to start somewhere. Current thinking is not moving us forward. Our intention can be the beginning of a new reality. What a gift this could be for each and every one of us and the planet…

And when we live from this intention, the good news is that President Trump will evolve as well. The evolution may be slow and it may seem like one step forward, two steps back at every turn, but there are signs of progress. For example, recently, after drafts were circulating about the current president’s executive orders that would reverse President Obama’s executive orders on LGBTQ employment rights gained in the last term, President Trump stated those rights will remain intact.

No person or president is perfect. Our humanity is perfectly imperfect and our challenge and opportunity while we are here is to consciously evolve.

Our country’s political system is like a giant pendulum that swings back and forth, right and left. If you don’t like the current president/majority, it is only a matter of time before the other party will get their chance to run the country. Even if you are in the middle as the majority is, you will get representation; our constitution promises that. You only have to wait and while you are waiting, keep taking positive action toward your beliefs and dreams.

If the party I support and take action with does a good job in or out of office, the opposing party may even see things the way I see them. It’s also likely that my political views may shift on the continuum as I evolve. Either way, I know in our great country I will thrive with whoever is in office because of the myriad opportunities that are available to all of us as free Americans. I am aware that to many readers this perspective may seem like pie-in-the-sky privileged white male thinking given the upheaval our country and so many people are experiencing now, but in the long run, I believe, as Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice,” and that our forefathers were brilliant in their vision and founding principles that continue to provide a system of checks and balances.

The United States has the best political system in the world and we are blessed to live here. Even in our seeming divisiveness, we are still a united country and we are all one no matter who our president or spiritual teacher is…Democrat or Republican. Let’s unite as a country and global community and recognize ourselves as Citizens of the World!

Robert DeLaurentis, the “Zen Pilot”, is a noted aviation speaker and author with over 1100 flight hours. Robert has his Visual, Instrument and Multi-engine Ratings and holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate as well as an advanced graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology.

Robert’s book, Zen Pilot, is available now!

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