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Clarendon on Clarendon

How do I know if the time has changed if my computer does it for me? How do I know it doesn’t change the time just to fuck with me?

Tonight is the night when two becomes one. Or is it one becomes two? Has time changed yet or will it change in due time? If it has, I missed it. If I missed it, has it? There’s no way of knowing which direction the hour’s flowing. Is this the new two or the old two? Did I miss two entirely?

Back in the day we used to change clocks…

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The quiet streets of Haddonfield. — photo by Tony Hoffarth

HADDONFIELD, Ill. — For the first time since 2002, the children of Haddonfield, Illinois will be allowed to wear costumes and go trick-or-treating for Halloween. The town council of Haddonfield voted 5 to 4 to lift the 15-year ban on Halloween festivities that was put into place following decades of murder and mayhem in the small town at the hands of notorious serial killer Michael Myers.

“We’re proceeding with caution,” said Mayor Debra Carpenter. “We don’t want a repeat of ’78 ’88, ’89, ’95, or ’02.”

Many of Haddonfield’s children aren’t familiar with the ritual of going door-to-door for candy…

Ryan Saucier

eccentric recluse

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