Brilliantly written, Kirsten.
Ruth Churchill Dower

Thanks, Ruth. I think we should also put more value on being around a long time in the sport! I’ve seen many talented male pilots come and go, often having to leave the sport for serious injury. I get really annoyed when a man interviews a female pilot and asks the same question “Why do women fly differently to men”. I think the way more interesting question is “What do women bring to paragliding” other than lower scores! I don’t have a problem flying with men, but I am super-happy to have more women with me. I think they bring a more even assessment of conditions. Men tend to be overly optimistic not wanting to appear fearful, whereas a good female pilot will be likely to be more realistic. I do find flying with men tends to push my own boundaries a little (which is good) but I am always flying my own path. Would love to explore this further.

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