Design Thinking and the IDEO Shopping Cart

According to Tim Brown of IDEO, a designer is not a lone genius that wears black turtlenecks. A designer is someone that has the principles of design thinking and user-centered design. Design is not something done very effectively alone. Design should be a multi-staged process that can be cyclical in order to test. By implementing user-centered design, a designer must be able to see the world in the perspectives of the users, not just themselves. Not only do they have to be empathetic, they also have to collaborate. There is only so much a single person can do in an increasingly complex society. Thus, having more than one mind can help create designs through collaboration.

Take a look at this video

In this video, the IDEO team is tasked with designing a shopping cart to be more user-centered. They collaborate in order to list problems with the typical shopping cart and even observe how they are used in the real world. Taking in mind of these problems and observations, the group created several prototypes. Once again, the group collaborates and takes elements from each prototype and combines them into one.

During this whole process, aesthetics played a small role in the design process. Instead, functionality and user-experience reigned supreme. The prototype ensured that all the problems with the typical shopping cart had been eliminated and implemented designs that were user-centered. One example of this would be the modular design that would make the shopping process more efficient.

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