Flynn Hannan
Oct 18 · 1 min read

Thank you for the kind words! We really appreciate you for taking an interest in our articles. And we hope that our tips will help you on your own writing journey.

And yes, it should be Writers’ Republic, but unfortunately there is already an existing company that first copyrighted the brand name “Writers’ Republic” so for legal reasons we opted to use “Writers Republic” instead. We also chose to use our current title for SEO purposes. This because according to our research, keyword analytics work faster on business names that don’t have punctuations on it. Although constant activity, page history and web popularity would help claim the keyword through time, such examples being Reader’s Digest and Writer’s Digest.

Thank you for pointing this out, and we apologize if there was any confusion on the matter. We hope that we were able to satisfactorily answer your question. We truly value your readership, and we will aspire to provide you with more quality articles in the future.

    Flynn Hannan

    Written by

    Bibliophile , Senior Indie Editor at Writers Republic — Writers Republic is a self-publishing company, and it has everything to publish your book the right way.

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