Why Pro-Choice is the Only Objectively Sensible Position on Abortion

There are loads of different arguments about abortion, both for and against the right to choose, and it’s a debate that ignites fiery passion on both sides. I’m not going to reiterate all of these arguments here, because you’ve already heard them, and it would be boring and take all day. What I will do is focus on two core concepts that underpin pretty much all of them: Personhood, and Bodily Autonomy.

One or both of these ideas is the basis for almost every position and argument about abortion. …

Worrying things are happening at the US border, and a lot of us are worried — and we should be.

It’s very normal and understandable for people to know very little about their own country’s immigration system, because birthright citizens typically never need to interact with their own immigration laws, and so never really need to learn about them. Most people assume immigration law is fairly rigid and reasonably fair.

I am an immigrant to the United States. I’m not a full citizen, but I have held Lawful Permanent Resident status for several years. …

The way we respond to acts of protest poses an important question about American cultural values.

In 2016, San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat down during the national anthem to protest systemic racism and social inequality in America. He later agreed to kneel rather than sitting, a compromise that allowed him to continue his protest in a form that was considered more respectful, and many other players also chose to take a knee in protest.

Two years on, players are still kneeling, and the NFL have announced new policy that includes fines for teams whose players choose to kneel during the anthem, likely in response to widespread outrage (and loss of revenue) from fans who felt…

It’s Not A Race: The Myth of Competition

One of the central tenets of our culture is that competition brings out the best in humanity, that we live in a competitive society because it’s simply human nature to compete over resources, to make sure you win the race for security and stability.

It’s a cogent enough idea, and the world around us certainly seems to back it up — everyone seems to be competing over resources and trying to accrue wealth. If we look back at our history, we see a long succession of conflicts. …

Deciding how we will use personal online data is a culture-defining moment that could change everything.

Mark Zuckerberg was questioned by Congress last week about the 87 million or so Facebook profiles used by Cambridge Analytica to influence the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election. The EU has requested a similar conversation as they look into similar issues with the Brexit referendum and elections in Europe.

As these investigations into the role of social media and targeted ads in our political processes develop, we are waking up to just how much our technology now knows about us. …

Those fragile entitled Millennials might actually know a thing or two…

It’s hard at this point to dispute the notion that a decline is happening. Wall Street numbers may be up, but Main Street is another story.

Toys R’ Us is closing. Claire’s Accessories just filed for bankruptcy. Major retailers are shutting down stores left and right — just take a stroll through your neighborhood mall, and count the vacant units. Even dollar stores are going out of business.

Take a look at all the industries and institutions Millennials are supposedly ‘killing’ — chain restaurants, golf, cereal, napkins, home ownership, motorcycles, diamonds, football. The list goes on. …

A few days ago, I wrote a piece on why civilian gun ownership isn’t really a credible defense against tyranny. I wrote about how there are much more effective ways for power brokers to disarm the public than restricting their access to firearms, and how it was both easier and more effective for them to restrict our access to money and information than it would be to go after guns they don’t need to take.

That’s a pretty sobering thought, especially as we look at tax reforms that leave most Americans with less, an ongoing effort by the Right to…

In the wake of yet another mass shooting, public debate revolves around gun control, the Second Amendment, mental health, and toxic masculinity — the idea that the way our culture defines manliness in terms of strength, aggression, and suppression of emotions is fundamentally flawed and harmful.

It’s not the easiest concept for men to swallow. The idea that a big chunk of what we’ve spent our whole lives learning to be, what we’ve been taught to aspire to, might be wrong — and not just wrong, but hurting us and the people around us.

Many of us feel attacked by…

If you’re worried that a tyrannical government might want to disarm civilians to prevent rebellion, I can understand that. But I also want you to think about this:

There’s more than one way to disarm people.

This probably isn’t the kind of defense you should be worried about.

The most powerful tools in today’s society are, without a doubt, money and information. If a power-hungry group wants to render you powerless to resist them, they only have to restrict your access to those two things.

Without enough money to maintain a secure lifestyle, you’re literally in-secure — uncertain about your future, and not confident about your ability to weather a crisis —…

So, here’s a thought: What the hell is this thing?

“Seriously, what even am I?”

We’ve all seen them, hanging around in fields, chewing grass and mooing occasionally, or maybe lying down in a way that may or may not predict rain. Sometimes they’re brown, sometimes they’re black and white. Sometimes they’re shaggy, sometimes not. Sometimes they have horns… you get the idea.

But what is it called?

I know what you’re thinking — “It’s a cow, duhhh.” — slow your roll.

If it’s female, then yes, it’s a cow. If it’s male, it’s a bull. …

Flynn Bailey

Flynn Bailey is a professional foreigner, amateur bisexual, and co-producer of Adult Salad: Undressing The Podcast, where he talks about masculinity a lot.

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