World Refugee Day

Photo by Brian Sokol for UNCHR

Meet Liliane, who lives in Lukwangulo, DR Congo, a place working with the local community to turn itself from an IDP site into a permanent village for the people who have had to flee unspeakable horrors and violence at home.

Today is World Refugee Day, which occurs during the largest refugee crisis we have known since WWII. There are currently over 65 million displaced people around the world, and every minute, 20 people are displaced by conflict and disaster. And over half of the world’s refugees are children, and 70% of them are women and girls.

We must invest in supporting refugees, in protecting their rights, advocating for their dignity and self-sufficiency, creating sustainable economic opportunities for those who are forced to leave their homes and spend years in camps or foreign lands, and in providing education for a safer, healthier, brighter future for refugee children, and our world.

Support organizations that help refugees:


The International Rescue Committee


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