Filters has joined the Camera+ family!

About a week ago I put my app, Filters for iPhone, up for sale with a post describing my rationale for such a decision. The short version for why I wanted to find it a new home was simple: time. Filters was a fun side passion project that really took off and I just don’t have the bandwidth to give it the love it deserves.

Today, I’m really excited to announce that my long-time friends at tap tap tap, publisher of Camera+, MagiCam and countless other hit apps have agreed that Filters has a bright future ahead of it and they want to take it to the next level. John Casasanta from tap tap tap will have a blog entry soon detailing some more of their thoughts.

Lastly, Filters will remain in the App Store, it’s not being acquired for parts and pieces. I fielded over a dozen serious inquiries from people interested in acquiring Filters, but the vast majority of them were interested in the app’s image processing technology to use in apps they currently publish, not to keep it in the App Store and drive it with great updates. I know that Filters has a huge life ahead of it, and the tap tap tap team agrees.

A gigantic thanks goes to all my friends who helped spread the word about Filters, from when I launched the app through to the post about the sale. And another huge thanks goes out to everyone who bought the app. Big things are planned for it, so stay tuned!

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