Inconvenient Truths About The Apple Watch

Some Background

Inconvenient Truth #1:
The Apple Watch Is Really Small

Inconvenient Truth #2:
Apple’s Leather Bands Feel Cheap

  1. The side of the “leather” band is finished so precisely that it looks machined or formed. Neither of those things are desirable in a leather strap that costs $250, or hell, even $150. A $250 leather strap should look like it was crafted and finished by a single leather artisan. This looks like it was pumped out in a factory, perhaps fussed about and shaved down by one of the million CNC machines Jony Ive commands.
  2. There are no stitches! Are you kidding me? Leather watch bands have stitches because that’s how you make leather watch bands, or any leather good of a decent quality. Coach purses and wallets and bags all have stitches. Louis Vuitton purses and wallets and bags all have stitches. Hermès leather goods all have stitches. Even the cheapest leather bands you can buy online for $30 have stitches. Apple’s leather bands don’t. Apple is selling ultra-premium leather watch bands where you can’t actually tell if a human was involved in the process of making it.
  3. When the leather band reaches the watch, it gets thicker and then has a precisely-cut circular hole cut into it. When real leather bands get thicker, you can typically see extra folds of leather being used to make it thicker. The band here looks like it was formed in a mold. And that hole for the lugs? It’s too perfect. This thing was absolutely made by a machine.

Inconvenient Truth #3:
The Screen Isn’t As Sharp or
Bright As You Probably Think

You Should Buy One If
You Want To Buy One



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