The Mr. Rogers Virtual Experience!

Imagine the impact of being able to visit Mr. Rogers’ world via VR. I personally think it would have saved a lot more kids from inner turmoil (early therapy sessions). I would jump on renting property in the Neighborhood, the virtual house next to him ideally, and literally be his neighbor. Every morning waking up and being treated like an intelligent human-being in VR? I’ll take the next trolley ride in. We all would be in a much better place that’s for sure. Let us not forget the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Throw in some puppets and walk around in that bucket of stupid grins and Awe and it’s the perfect place to vacation.

Things to look forward to:

-Weird conversations to overthrow the local government with Lady Elaine Fairchilde (Boomerang-Toomerang-Zoomerang…wtf?)

-Virtual Neighborhood Trolley rides while also reliving a past you never had.

-Dinner parties at King Fridays listening to his long winded speeches

-Watching Daniel Striped Tiger’s son get his own spinoff while I keep living the same life day in and day out in Rogers Neighborhood.

What I’m getting at is that we will soon be living a true second life due to VR and MR’s many possible applications and it’s moving fast. Everyday someone is doing something cooler and expounding on what was yesterday’s advancement. So cool to watch this unfold.

Also I have an unhealthy knowledge base of the Neighborhood now, thank you Wikipedia.

I would totally virtually rent out a home in the neighborhood. Wouldn't you?