Maytag Ad Evolution

Featured Ad of the Week

The iconic Maytag Repairman originally depicted as “the loneliest man in town” — because Maytag appliances never needed repairing has received a makeover, a new name (Maytag Man) and a new role in the company.

The newly revived Maytag Man is now younger, with a more “leading-role” look. As for his role, he’s now shown doing the work of the appliances, opposed to the conventional adverts of the 1960s and 70s where a cheerful housewife and her children (all decked in white) are the primary focus while Maytag Repairman complains of having nothing to do. That’s not the only major shift in Maytag advertising over the ages. For years Maytag, and every other competitor in the industry, relied on positioning their brand in a way to show off and boast about the features of their products that make them better than the competition. Now? Maytag has broken the mold by dropping that message from their branding. With their new campaign, their appliances are actually shown very little — focusing more on the appliances’ performance. Michael Frease, Creative Director at Team 180 states, “we wanted to go out there with our own voice, our own campaign and our own breakthrough work.”

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