Introduction to To the Moon

To the Moon
Jun 13 · 6 min read

  1. Game Design
    (1) Levels
    (2) Challenges
    (3) Lucky Draws
    (4) Market
  2. Update Plans
    (1) Game Features
    (2) 3rd Party Wallets
    (3) iOS
    (4) Experiments on Reward Policies
  3. FAQ

You will start the game from an empty space
  • Storage
    The resources you produce to earn coins are stored in the city storage. The initial capacity of the storage is set to 40, hence you might end up not being able to produce more. To avoid this, produce only the necessary amount of products at a time. If you inevitably need to free up some space the storage, you can select the products and trash them. This feature, however, requires coins, so be careful not to produce too much.

  • Storage Upgrades: features to upgrade the storage capacity will be shipped.

    To the Moon

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