Meet the team is a recurring series, allowing you to get to know the engineers behind Flywire’s success. Today meet Jokin, one of our software testers.

2. Why did you choose to become a Tester…

Last week, three Flywire testers and I attended Valencia Testing 2017, an annual conference organized by the Instituto de Informática (ITI) that focuses on software testing and quality assurance. This event is aimed at companies and professionals that want to learn how they can improve their processes, methodologies, and tools to ensure quality in software development. This post will the workshop that I led during the conference, titled “Docker and Docker Compose, Case Study”. …

The 12-Factor App methodology is a list of principles, each explaining the ideal way to handle a subset of your application.

The Twelve-Factor app, written by Heroku co-founder Adam Wiggins, is a methodology for building software-as-a-service apps in modern deployment environments. The principles, written by Heroku engineers, describe the best practices to get a modern web app deployed properly. Here’s everything to know about the 12factor manifesto.

In this post, we will apply theory to practice by using examples from a simple application.

Why is it worth it?

The “Works on My Machine” Certification Program is no longer needed.
This is perfect for a cloud environment…

Meet the team is a recurring series, allowing you to get to know the engineers behind Flywire’s success. Today meet Oscar Moreno, one of our software engineers.

1. Hi Oscar! Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in Tenerife, Canary Islands and I’m a software engineer. I’ve been working in Flywire since 2015. Since then, I’ve mainly worked on backend development, but also occasionally in frontend. When I’m not at the office, I enjoy playing sports, especially outdoor ones. I’ve recently started rock climbing and I’m loving it!

2. Why did you choose Engineering as a career?

Last weekend, one of our flymates, Meritxell Calvo attended the Software Craftsmanship (SC) Barcelona with other developers from Flywire. In this post she’ll briefly share her experience at the SC Barcelona and go further into detail on what makes the SC such a unique experience.

1. Talks are designed as open discussions

What makes the SC special is the way the conference is designed to support the culture and values of the developing community. The conference is dedicated to helping developers improve, share knowledge and learn from each other. Instead of traditional lectures, talks are usually designed as open discussions…

When we write our suite test, we basically create example-based tests. We tend to create tests that our context (and biases) believe are good enough. Most of the time we only test the happy path and some corner cases. This is usually enough for the purpose of TDD, but testing in such a manner only demonstrates that our code works for a particular example or situation.

Although this kind of extended validation is usually associated with QA testing, wouldn’t it be much better if we could achieve it through our good-old test suite? Not as “In this particular situation this…

Last month, eight Flymates attended Pamplona Software Craftsmanship (PSWC), a two-day conference during which more than a hundred developers, software engineers, programmers, craftsmen and other professionals in the software development industry came together to discuss their professions, challenges, and possible solutions.

Group photo of Pamplona Software Craftsmanship

The format of the PSWC consisted of a traditional conference followed by an Open Space. Contrary to traditional conferences, during which the speakers and sessions are previously announced, in Open Space meetings, participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions. The AOS was a great learning experience for all of us.

Here’s a brief summary of…

Are you tired of the high costs of living that comes with being in a huge city? Are you looking for a human-sized city that boasts a great quality of life? Would you like to become part of a team that encourages you to grow both personally and professionally? To the engineers who are thinking of moving to Valencia, here are ten reasons to motivate you to take the leap and relocate to this beautiful city now.

Do you dread public speaking? Welcome to the club! According to research, it’s what people fear most (followed by heights and insects). However, as computer engineers, we thrive on learning new ways of expanding our professional horizons and decided we were up to the challenge. Flywire offered us a public speaking training led by Cesar Gómez-Mora, public speaking coach and event organiser of Ignite Valencia and TEDxCiutatVellaValencia. The goal of the training was to give us the tools to build our self-confidence and the strategy to start participating as speakers at conferences we attend.

One of our pubic speaking training sessions

In May, we attended weekly sessions…

At Flywire we use several learning, development, and working techniques that I want to share with you, but as I was putting this post together, I realized that none of them could be explained separately. Instead, the techniques needed to be considered holistically because using them together gives an added value in comparison to using them separately. And there’s no better illustration of our working culture and how we combine these techniques than the Katayuno.

The Katayuno is a weekly open event we organize at our office every Tuesday morning. …

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