Living Room

My family gathers around, all spread out sitting in the room. Conversation breaks out. Laughter comes along and the feeling of togetherness hits me. We all engage in the topic of conversation like one holding her newborn baby. Everyone giving in their own opinion, argument breaks out. After the topic comes to conclusion everyone breaks out for their own room in the blink of an eye. All that remains in the room is the large couch that fills about half the room. A couple pillows sitting atop some lone chairs. A lamp lighting up the room like a train lighting up a lonely tunnel in the middle of the night. My dog crawls up on to the couch and makes himself comfortable. He’s very lonely while he owns the room without anyone else in it. The old rusted piano sits along a wall as it hasn’t been touched since the Cubs won the World Series. Pictures of family members overlook the room and keep a hawks eye over everything. Books that are covered with dust fill the shelves to give the room some life. The door opens as my brother walks swiftly through the room after a long night out. The calm room awaits all the excitement that tomorrow will bring. The sunrise peeks through the cracked window frame. The light beams through the window and causes a glare of the television. The floor making old crackling sounds as my dog walks slowly across it. As the morning risers get up to start the day, the sound of the microwave in the kitchen gives a spark to the room. My dad refuses to enter the room as he is in a rush due to him being late to work. My brother awakes his sleep and head down and sits on the long cozy couch. He reaches for the changer to activate the television. After watching a swift amount of television he leaves the room without cleaning up his belongings. The bowl of the remains of his oatmeal sits on the island between the couch. The cup of milk that is half empty sits along the edge of the island bound to hit the floor. As the morning rush exits out, the calm wind flows through the cracked open window giving a fresh air smell to the room. The lonely room awaits all the excitement my family brings after a long day. The couch and chairs are ready to hold the tired bodies of my hard working family.